Small summer bug fix release

Hello everyone,

I just uploaded a new release (which will not be pushed to the auto-update system) with few bug fixes. Nothing important, but some have reported problems with iPhone projects that couldn’t wait.

So, basically, three things have been fixed in this release.

* The iPhone table component was causing an internal error which messed up the UI entirely.
* The RatingStars didn’t store their value correctly.
* An it was not possible to click on the icon palette to choose an icon because the popup would simply close.

I took a break from 3.0 development for this small release. Now, back to work!

To update, just head to the download page.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems. I’ll try to address them as quickly as possible if they seem urgent.

Hope to talk to you soon about the awesome 3.0 version that is getting closer and closer!