Export to the online viewer

Exporting your wireframe/prototype to the online viewer is as easy as Ctrl/Cmd+E. A dialog will be displayed in which you can set a simple password for prevening access to the online URL to unwanted eyes. Make it easy to remeber, though. Of course, you can always remove it from the online viewer from the File menu or project settings section.

Once uploaded, the same dialog window will let you send the URL by email to your team, or by SMS to your phone, or generate a QR code for it, if that's your thing.

Change the online URL of a project

To change the URL your shared project will take when you upload it, go to the project settings. This section is available by clicking on the (ham/beef)burger menu in the top-left corner of the application's UI.

Here you can change the URL by clicking on the 'refresh' but. Before that, you may want to first delete the current URL, if your project was already shared in the online viewer, and you don't want that version to be available anymore.

Remove a project from the online viewer

To remove a project from the onlie viewer, you can either select this option from the File menu, or head to the project settings section and remove it from there. It's up to you.

Share project URL by email or SMS

Sharing your project URL is easy, as it's supposed to be. You can either SMS it to a phone number, or send it by email. Of course, you can simply copy it and use your internal communication to share it with your team. Again, it's up to you.

Export to PNG

Sometimes, printing wireframes to plain old paper it's the way to go. FlairBuilder lets you export your wireframe to PNG images. You can choose to 'sketch' your wireframe before exporting, so your team will not fall into the classic trap of critiqueing details that don't matter just yet. Once your wireframe project is close to a final form, you can export it in a more polished style, without making any changes to the design.

Export to HTML

Lastly, if the content of your prototype is so sensitive or you just need to make it available for offline usage, exporting to HTML is the best option. FlairBuilder will export your project to a folder of your choice, which you can then zip and send it over to your boss, client, or team. Things will work as expected, just as in the online viewer.