FlairBuilder 3.0 first beta release. Huge release, feedback needed!

Here’s the first beta release of the 3.0 version. This is huge, so be gentle. I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK.

So head to the install page and install the beta version.

There are so many changes into this release that I can hardly can keep a track of them all. But I’ll try to give you a quick change log.

One project at the time – Only one project can be edited at the time. This simplifies the UI and makes it highly improbable for a nasty bug to show up again.

Page layers – I’m particularly excited about this. You can add layers to a page and open them in any order you want. This simplifies and replaces the Floating Panel functionality. More details soon.

New editor – Completely new editor, I mean. You’ll notice a ton of usability improvements in the editor. From selecting components, adding/removing to selection, moving around and resizing, all got better. Hopefully for good, although your precious feedback will certainly help improve it even more.

Sitemap – It’s now easier to have an high level view on your project. Folders are gone. Now you can structure your project on a page-subpage hierarchy, so the concept of sitemap makes sense.

Annotations – Now you can easily comment on your wireframes and have the comments automatically numbered. The comments you make will be displayed on the side of the wireframe. Highly requested feature.

Improved action editor – Much faster and more intuitive ways to add actions to wireframe components. Easily reorder actions with drag’n’drop. What a joy that will be! Go to page action (used in more than 80% of the cases) is now only one click away. 1 click!

Multiple components for one resize/enable/show action – This is awesome, I tell you! Give it a try. This feature is finally the way I envisioned it to be a long time ago.

When configuring the Resize action, for instance, you’ll be able to simply hand pick (point and click) the components you want to resize. More than that, just move/resize them to the final position. FlairBuilder will remember that for you, so you don’t need to input the exact coordinates anymore. Sweet, huh? With green is the old position, with blue is the new one.

Improved component palette and new components/shapes – A bunch of new components were added, mostly to get to a full compatibility with Balsamiq (import from balsamiq has been currently removed until the final 3.0 release). Notice the top of the palette, how you can now choose the components categories to be displayed. Faster.

Improved draw tools – Now when you draw a line or a polygon, FlairBuilder will assist you to draw straight lines. You’ll love this!

Flip shapes, dashed border and easier to access style toolbar – Notice the little toolbar that shows above the polygon. For some components it will show up and follow closely the selection, so you can make on the spot changes on the component. It’s but better than in toolbar far right-hand side. People never noticed it. And better, it will show up only when you select the component, not on hover.

Page settings popup – When you double click a page in the Pages pane, a settings popup will show up that lets you configure everything abou that page. Everything in one place. Much better I dare to say!

And more – Yes, more! There are some more things to be added, and some that I won’t mention now. Let me get them right first, and I’ll tell you about them in the next few days.

What I badly need from you is to give this version a quick try and let me know your experience with it. I’m sure there will be some dragons around, right from the gate.

Excited! Highly excited. 🙂

  • Two words, simple navigation. Okay, a few more words. I absolutely love the changes made to the palette and the unified options in the page settings box. Nice work.

  • Wow, dude, that’s totally awesome! I’ll play with it the few next days and come back with something more usefull (as in, bugs :D) Just kidding, but anyway: do you have a bug tracker?

    P.S.: google for word press mobile pack. This could have improved my experience 😛

    • Cristian Pascu

      Hi Claudius,

      Yes, on getsatisfaction.com/flairbuilder

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Is there any way for someone to preview the design without having the software installed? Like if we needed to get our designs approved by sending it to a non-technical person who doesn’t have Flair Builder installed?

    • Cristian Pascu

      Hey Taylor, yes, using the online viewer.

  • IORama

    OK. Will uninstall the old version and install the new beta on Monday. Expect a lot of feedback.
    Thanks for improving upon a great program

    • Cristian Pascu

      Thank you!

  • Will you add support for android as well?

    • Cristian Pascu

      So little time. I promised to do that, but I still haven’t got there.

  • Hey Cristian!

    I really love the conceptual design of Version 3 so far, but there are still some pretty major bugs associated important components (i.e. Images, Grids, Tabs, Accordions, etc.) I was just wondering: when do you anticipate releasing the second beta (approximate date) and hopefully fixing these critical base components? I am so excited to use this new version on my projects but at the moment, there is not much I can realistically create because of these core components being temporarily broken.

    Thanks so much for creating this awesome piece of software!

    • Cristian Pascu

      In a few minutes. 🙂

  • Justin English

    Liking the updated version a lot. I know there are bugs. One general problem is that although it works OK on Windows 7, the Mac version is nearly unusable, at least in my experience. Are you aware of discrepancies across platforms or is this surprising? Meanwhile, I look forward to the next version, and thank you!