System requirements

FlairBuilder runs on Windows and Mac, takes about 100MB of disk space. Should run just fine on modern computers.

Looking for a previous version?

If you want to install the 3.9.73 version, click here. For the 3.9 FlairBuilder viewer, click here
Or, if you're looking for the even older 2.5.9 version, click here instead.

Why give away my email?

We hate email spam as much as you do. However, we don't want our relationship with you to stop here. We've got more useful information that we feel will help you better understand how FlairBuilder works.

What happens when the trial ends?

You will not be able to save your projects. But you will not lose any of your work. Your files are always saved on your computer, on a location of your choice. Just as with any other desktop application.

Any limitations to the trial?

No. The trial is fully functional and has no limitations. All you see is a notification at the top of the screen, which you can easily dismiss.