True North podcast from Loop11


This is a quick note to let you know of cool new podcast made by the wonderful people at Loop11. Here is the gist of the podcast:

Every day people create and design. Problems are discovered and in turn solutions are found. Lives are intertwined and deeply impacted by these experiences. True North is a podcast which looks to uncover these stories and highlight the testing and research which drives the innovation.

Episode 1 deals with the user experience design process which surrounds Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. Episode 2 looks at a Fairfax Media company and how they confronted the issue of a catastrophically poor app, and turned it around within 2 years to be featured by Google as a pinnacle of design implementation.

Moving forward they’ll be looking to engage with the Design and UX community so would be keen to hear any ideas you might have for future episodes. Aside from iTunes the podcast will live at

Check it out!