Release: SVG support, sidebar redesign and new sharper icons

Hello everyone,

The Black Friday cometh and we giveth ye a new release. We are really excited with this one and here’s why:

SVG support

The image widget now supports SVG images. Use it to satisfy all you sizing needs without loss of sharpness.

Redesigned application sidebar

We changed the way the interactions panel is displayed. Previously the interactions panel would show up in the top right corner of the design page which posed problems if widgets were in the space covered by the popup. Now the interactions panel is  integrated in the right sidebar thus the work area is completely free of clutter and still within easy reach. Less frustration when working is always better, don’t you agree?

New and sharper icons

We’ve redesigned the icons, made them as SVG elements so they will have the same sharpness at all sizes. No more blurry icons! Here’s a glympse of the new icon set:

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the new features and let us know what you think.


  • AlexGemmell

    So far things feel pretty good… but how do I name a component so I can use it in IF statements?

    • Cristian Pascu

      Hey Alex, I have fixed this in the release I have just uploaded. Sorry for the confusion I created! 

      • AlexGemmell

        Sweeeeeet.  Thanks Cristian!