Release: Export to HTML and Copy/Paste from Balsamiq Mockups

Hey everyone!

Today is the day. HTML Export has been a long coming feature. I have actually started implementing this feature 3 times now, and only the 3rd time I managed to get it done. It’s been a lot of work. I must confess, this time I got help form a good friend and former colleague of mine. Expect more good work in FlairBuilder from him!

Anyway, it’s really exciting for me to let this big feature out. I would appreciate any kind of feedback from you guys regarding this feature. It’s an important one, with lots of benefits for your prototyping/wireframing process.

For instance, now you can preview your wireframes on mobile devices. Just upload the exported files to a webserver and open it up on your smartphone or tablet. I look forward to hear from you!

Copy/Paste from Balsamiq Mockups

FlairBuilder has supported import from Balsamiq Mockups for quite a while now. Now this support is even better. With more components being compatible with Mockups and copy/paste from one application to the other, it’s easier to move from simple rough wireframes to more complex prototypes.

Give it a try and let know what you think about it!

As usual, just head to the download page to upgrade. Or simply reopen the application, and it will notify you about the update.

Have fun!