Improved page embedding, project variables&events, and more

Hello everyone,

This is an absolutely awesome and exciting release! I kid you not. Without any delay, here’s what’s new:

Better page embedding

You can now override some of the properties of components within an embedded page. That means that you can create your custom component on one page, then embed it in another page and also modify it on the spot. You can reposition components, change style and labels (for some components). Let me know what you think about the feature!

Project variables&events

This is huge. The possibilites are countless. You can now effectively communicate between pages with simple custom events. Say, if on one page you create a new user, on the previous page you can add that user to the list of users. Sweet, huh?

More than that. You can embed variables in text components as $myVariable and that text will be replaced (and updated!!!) with the value of the variable. Even when the variable’s value changes. Oh, and you now have a specific action to modify the value of a variable.

Even more. Each component on the page that has a name without spaces will be automatically turned into a variable. This means that you can connect the value of text component to the value of text input, for instance. Examples will come shortly!

Update components styling

I have added a new action that lets you update the styling/formatting of a set of components upon a certain event. Which is like totally awesome, if you ask me. It’s now super easy to create roll-over effects, for instance. No more double-components for the two styles.

Better conditional behavior execution

Until now, you had to create separate conditions for each action on a user event. That was cumbersome, I know. Now there’s a smart action, IF condition, that will test a condition you create and execute the next actions only if that condition passes. Long explanation, but you get the idea. Oh, and there’s also an ‘Else’ flavor for that action, if you are familiar with the If…Else… structures in programming languages.

This is all, but it’s a lot. I like the simplicity and power of the new features. However, I’m eagerly waiting for your feedback. Don’t keep me waiting, please. 🙂


  • Sean

    I cannot seem to make the IF condition work at all. It creates the condition entry but then I cannot enter the condition details. Do I just not understand how this works?

  • Do you think that is possible in the near future to have a simple Google Drive app that allows opening of the files in the viewer? I know that this request is proof of ultimate laziness but would be really helpful