FlairBuilder Video Tutorials – Finally!

Hello friends,

I finally managed to spend some time to make a few short tutorials for FlairBuilder. I still have a bunch of them in the making, but here’re the ones that are ready. Please let me know what you think about them, are they clear enough? Too simple? Too fast? Speak up. 🙂

  • A bit hard to follow, however. Maybe in the future you’ll focus on following some short and more eloquent scenarios, instead of presenting the product very generally.

    • Cristian Pascu

      Got it! I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂

  • Thank you for these. I thought the detail was good enough and easy to follow. Just knowing where to create the variables (in the interactions panel) was very helpful. Everything else is pretty intuitive. Thanks!

  • Andreas H.

    I am currently looking for a software like yours (also looking at a few other candidates) and was wondering how collaboration/team work is handled with Flairbuilder? (How) Is it possible to work on the same project for a few people?
    Is there some sort of (real-time) collaboration? (e.g. like with Lucidchart?)
    Even though I am impressed with the capabilities of your software I would need some sort of easy collaboration option… Constantly sending the fbp files back and forth would be not a practical solution. 😉

  • Andreas H.

    add last
    The Free Viewer is a nice touch but not quite what I’m looking for…
    It’s somewhat passive. Anything more active possible?
    E.g. Store the fbp files on a server and access it/them (simultaneously) from different computers. Something like that… I think you know what I mean. 😉

  • Great work – VERY helpful!

  • Crystal

    Were the videos taken down?

    • Hi Crystal,

      From youtube, yes. But they are still available on the website.

  • No videos (.