FlairBuilder 3.9 – Magic!

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you all. To each and every one of you.

Over the holidays, we prepared a very nice release with a bunch of very nice new features. I’m pretty excited because with some little changes to existing features, a whole new range of possibilities emerged.

But let’s take them one by one.

Export the HTML prototype to the online viewer

I should have done this earlier, but here you have it. Now you can push an HTML version of your wireframe to the online viewer. Just as you do it with the regular, Flash based viewer. FlairBuilder will store the project definition online and give you back an unique URL which you can share with your team or clients.

The really fun part is that you can now view the prototype on mobile devices. Just email the link to the online view to your iPhone or Android device, and there you have it.

Intelligent actions. Very intelligent actions!

Now the Show/Hide and Update Styling action know how to do some magic!

By simply selecting an option in the configuration panel of those actions, you can now hide similar components within the same group or close groups of a certain component. The same with updating the style of a component, and reseting the styling of similar components.

Basically, this works best for things like toggle menus. When you click on a menu item, you want other menu items to be unselected. Normally, you’d have to go and do a bunch of tedious list of actions to make sure this works properly. But now, FlairBuilder will do that for you. Auto-magically!

Moving on.

Groups have a new event. On load!

Now you have the chance to set the default state of a group when the page loads. That is, from inside the group.

Normally, when you select a group, it will show a ‘On custom event’ trigger. But, when you double click a group to edit its content, you get a different event trigger, that is, ‘On group load’. Which is pure gold. Because you now have acces to the stuff inside the group. You can hide, show, style or do whatever with the contents of the group.

For instance, given a menu with a set of items. You group all the items, each in its own group. Then you group all these items into a single group. But, with the first item group, you can do the ‘on load’ magic. That is, to mimic it being selected by default when the page loads. You don’t want to do that by design, because then that would be its ‘reset’ state. And if you click on other items, FlairBuilder will not know to which state to reset the first item.

Master pages will trigger ‘On load’ too.

Which is only fair, to be honest. Some of you have requested these feature a number of times. And now it totally makes sense to have it. Because master pages are pages too. And they have rights, right?

Bug fixes, as usual.

There were a number of bugs that we have fixed too. Specially in the HTML export. I’m not saying we’re done with it. I wish I could say that. But you know, it’s hard to implement in HTML in few months something that was done in years. But we’ll get there, sooner than later.

And, as usual, please let me know what you think about the new release. I am excited about it and I look forward to hear from you. What you like or don’t like, what you wish to have in the following release.

Until next time, have a great time wireframing.



  • Luiz Felipe Pelizzoni Remorini


  • kuurort

    Hi,¬†about the HTML export – i’m afraid it does not function 100%? For example some of the layers won’t open up on the HTML export.

    Also, I’m wondering about the HTML export on the tablet. I was checking the HTML export on my iPad, but unfortunately all i could see was a blank screen. Any ideas on that?

    Otherwise, great work!

    • flairbuilder

      Hey there,

      Could you please share an URL to the project with me? That way I can look at what’s going on. Thanks!