Do you mind when other designers steal from you?

Let’s face it! That’s how you learn, that’s how we all learn. During my high-school, my father used to take me as a guitar player in his band on various occasions.

And you know what? That’s how I learned to play guitar. Well, mostly. But once on stage, I would spend all of my time there picking on the keyboard player, trying to figure out the chords he was playing and struggling to keep up with him. I had to continuously steal!

When it comes to design (or, really, anything else), being original is really hard. I’d argue that sometimes is even dangerous.

However, it’s logo design that requires originality to a higher grade. And with thousands of logos out there, it’s really hard to be original.

There’s a lot of examples where big companies have failed to come up with something truly original. For instance, what would you say about these two logos:

They surely look alike. I won’t tell you which one came first.

Graham Smith goes into detail about what he calls “The Uncertainty And Pains of Originality In Logo Design“. Very good reading!

A question I may ask, following the argument that Graham is making in his article: what do you do when you find that someone else, most certainly independently of you, came up with a similar design?