December sale, new icon font and more

Hello friends,

A quick release before the holidays. In this release we included a bunch of very nice updates, specially to the HTML export which is getting better and better.

But first, since we announced that FlairBuilder now supports SVG graphics, for both icons and images, it was only natural to increase the maximum size of the Icon component. Now you can scale it up to 64×64 pixels. It would be nice to let you freely resize it to whatever size you want, but let’s keep it simple for now, shell we? 🙂

Then the HTML export had also to benefit from the new set of scalable icons. We have created an icon font with all the 298 icons. Not an easy task, but fortunately there are resources out there that helped us out. If you ever plan to create an icon font, let us know and we’ll share the ins and outs with you.

Lastly, a bunch of bug fixes here and there. Mainly with the HTML export, but also in the app.

The 3.8 release was not without its bumps, and we apologize for that. Things seem to be pretty stable now and we already think about an awesome 4.0 release early next year.

So now it’s time for you to shout out your wishes. What would you like to be included in the next release?

And yes. A December sale. For now one, ’till the end of the year, FlairBuilder is 25% off. So if you’ve been waiting for a promotion, now go get it! 🙂