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The Better Way to Wireframe Responsive Websites and Mobile Apps

FlairBuilder is a prototyping tool that lets you create interactive wireframes for websites and mobile applications. It's easy to learn and use, and comes with lots of options.

Download FlairBuilder 4.2.7 15-day Free Trial - Mac&Win

Beautiful, responsive wireframes

Design clean and beautiful wireframes for up to three breakpoints. With a full suite of built-in components, you can get a proof-of-concept to clients in no time. Powerful and easy to use tools are there to help.

Interactive prototypes

Impress everyone in your team and your clients with powerful interactions. From simple page-to-page transitions to advanced animations, everything is only a few clicks away.

Free online viewer

FlairBuilder's free online viewer lets you easily share your projects with anyone. Open prototypes on your targeted devices and share them with your team in minutes.

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What you can do with FlairBuilder

Mobile App Prototyping

Create app prototypes and view them on your device.

Target specific devices and OS

Android, iOS, and Windows. Mobile phones and tablets.

Advanced screen transitions

Realistic mobile interactions with smooth screen transitions.

Scrolable contents and top/bottom bars

Set fixed top and bottom bars specific to each page.

Mobile CSS grids and typographic tools

CSS grids adapt smartly to screen width.

Best Tools for Beautiful Wireframes

A whole suite of design tools let you create stunning design from day one.

Harmonious design with CSS grids

Grids have been used in design for centuries. Give your wireframes a healthy boost with an elegant layout structure and rythm.

Expert typography

Good typography makes 90% of a beautiful design. Set specific font size and line height for each breakpoint for a consistent vertical rythm.

Behaviors and animations

A rich set of built-in behaviors and animations let you craft impressive interactive wireframes. Good UX is where experiment is always possible.

Feature Packed to the Bones

The bits that make FlairBuilder complete.
Master pages and layers

Reusing cross-page elements like navigation, menus, and what not is a no brainer. Save precious time and get fast feedback from clients.

Reusable symbols

Symbols let you create reusable components which you can place anywhere in your mockups. More freedom and room to experiment.

Export to PNG/HTML

When the free online viewer is not an option, export your mockup designs to offline HTML. Or just export PNG images for your deliverables.


Duplicating content can also save time so you don't need to rebuild similiar components over and over again. Or just copy component attributes (soon).

Unlimited undo&redo

Exploring various design options is great, especially when you know there's always a way back. Feel free to experiment and explore.

Short cut keys

From standard designer tools shortcut keys to more specific ones, you can find your way around the app with your keyboard hand.

Rich icon sets

An image is worth a 1000 words. It's a cliché, but it's also true. With 700+ icons to choose from, you can't miss. Webfonts to the rescue!

Embed your own images

Last, but not least, use your own imagery for that extra drop of realism for your designs. Just make sure they're in retro black&white for the cool.

Start designing awesome apps today!