“We have been working with FlairBuilder for over a year now, and the product keeps getting better and better. We work with different designers and they love to get a wireframe of the project, it works easy for us and for the designers as well.”
— Jochem Dekker, Jambo Media

Lo&Hi Fidelity With One Tool

FlairBuilder lets you start with a low fidelity sketch, and jump to a higher fidelity wireframe with just one click. All interactions will stay in place. Switch back and forth if you need to. Adapt to your audience!

Impress your team or clients

Starting a project with a quick visualization will make you look like an UX super-hero! It takes minutes to put together a quick prototype, and you can update it on the spot. Be ready to answer the "How did you do that?" question.

Include everyone in the process

Bring stakeholders, managers, your team or end users and let them play with the early prototypes. This is will get you invaluable feedback and will help you decide on which direction to follow in later phases.

Prototype, review, refine

It's easy to iterate over early concepts. Wireframes are easy to build, quick to throw away. As feedback comes in, you can quickly change directions, test different approaches and decide which one is best.

Some of our customers...

Facebook(tm) wall wireframe
Google+ feed wireframe
Pinterest homepage
New Twitter wireframe
FlairBuilder in action - Facebook Fan Page
FlairBuilder in action - The new Myspace
FlairBuilder in action - The new YouTube
FlairBuilder in action - Amazon

60+ built-in components

A large set of widgets and components to wireframe everything from websites to mobile applications. Get started and up to speed in no time.

Quick and easy preview

It's easy to preview your wireframe with one click toggle. Get a quick glimpse at your prototype's interactions and behaviors.

Master pages and layers

Save time by reusing common content on several pages. Any page in the project can be a master. And each page has a list of layers attached.

Advanced interactions

A large set of interactions is available. You can mix them together to create complex behaviors, from simple page-to-page links to on-page transitions.

Extensible stencils library

You can download and extend the built-in library of components with community stencils. Or create your own custom components for later reuse.

Export to HTML

With one click you can export a fully functional HTML prototype. This is best for sharing the prototype inside your company or on mobile devices.

“Love your product. Our company literally couldn't survive without it.”
— Chris Bonney, Vanguard Technology
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